Client: IBM
Created: Oct 2021
Contribution: UX/UI Design, Visual Design, Illustration

Skill Up with IBM
Skill Up with IBM is a five week learning series offered to educators and students around the globe. Each session is hosted by subject matter expert from IBM, and the topics center around career growth for students.

Project goals
Building community of educators and
students through accessible education

1. Considerate design that help empower end users

Good design empowers users. When people feel confident and enjoy browsing a page, they are more likely to build trust and explore.

2. Creating value for the community 

The five-week learning series offered by Open P-TECH is tracked and recorded on the Skill Up with IBM. How are these learnings organized, archived and saved to maximize the reach to new and existing learners?

3. Accessible education for all

We aim to innovate the way students consume learning. To bridge  tech industry with students around the world, we build learning experience that adapt the need of all online learners and educators. Using IBM design language, we designed for accessibility in mind. 

Reexamining previous designs and finiding opportunities from painpoints.

1. Landing experience

To design for both students and educators, we studied the journey map for both target groups. We wanted our learners to feel confident from the very beginning of entering Skill Up with IBM. One of our focus was on the landing experience. Clear indication of where you are and the flexibility to switch between the two landing pages for the two groups were important. 

2. Learning experience

Events are categorized as “upcoming” and “recorded”. As the five week learning series progress, more learnings are archived. As much as we want to use this as an opportunity to promote Open P-TECH, archiving learning is another important area of focus for the revisiting and future learners.