Client ···· SFU Study Abroad
Role ····· Visual Design Lead, Media Manager, Editor
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Featured ····· brutalistwebsites

A microsite designed in brutalist UX style. The site hosts content created in a two-month Dutch design field study.  

I had the honour to be chosen as one of the 12 senior design students of the dutchDesign field school for 2017. Our team had the opportunity to interview accomplished Dutch designers, artists and architects such as Claudy Jongstra, Marije Vogelzang, Jo Coenen, Pieke Bergmans and more.

Team: Amy Truong, Armina Fouroghi, Cheryl Chan, Chris Samuel, Esther Park, Kae Ngo, Kaveh Hastroudi, Malcolm Kutar, Robbie Subullen, Sumeet Anand, Samantha Slinn, Wendi Ma

My Role
As a Visual Design Lead, I worked together with other visual designers to explore and define brand guides for the web. Visual Designers were paired with UX Designers to design different sections of the site. We held regular crits to make decisions on layouts and interactions.

The Website
The website hosts interviews, films and team’s field study experience. I nstead of using traditional forms of navigation, like a nav bar or image grid, we decided to make our entire home page pure navigation in the form of a list. The reason we chose to do this was to take advantage of the affordances of designing a microsite with minimal navigation needs and go for an uncommon ux pattern that would also support our Brutalist design approach.

Another reason was that we wanted to showcase the photography content in a progressive way rather than having it appear in a grid view, to create a sense of discovery and delight.